Can you buy Keurig k cups with food stamps?

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question : Can you buy Keurig k cups and food stamps
I wonder .. He received concours.Meilleure an answer:
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Sunshine789 I
not think so. and if you can afford a Keurig, why do you need food stamps?

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@ Shoffee_Joe (on Twitter) used a Wolfgang Puck Cream Caramel Keurig K-cup to a cup of iced coffee in a cup Copco Sierra Travel (available at brew. Recorded 9th June 2010 with a Flip Video camcorder.
Note Video: 5/5

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3 Responses to Can you buy Keurig k cups with food stamps?

  1. etwangboy

    Ice: Ahh, nice and cold… wait… ehh? ehhh? ehh! AHHHHH IM MELTING!

  2. tylermcdonaldd

    How did you put sugar in it? Did you use liquid sugar?

  3. delliswierd

    cool jeurig machine! Is that a office model?

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