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Can you buy Keurig k cups with food stamps?

Keurig K Cups by <a href =
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question : Can you buy Keurig k cups and food stamps
I wonder .. He received concours.Meilleure an answer:
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Sunshine789 I
not think so. and if you can afford a Keurig, why do you need food stamps?

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@ Shoffee_Joe (on Twitter) used a Wolfgang Puck Cream Caramel Keurig K-cup to a cup of iced coffee in a cup Copco Sierra Travel (available at brew. Recorded 9th June 2010 with a Flip Video camcorder.
Note Video: 5/5

3 Responses to “Can you buy Keurig k cups with food stamps?”

  1. etwangboy says:

    Ice: Ahh, nice and cold… wait… ehh? ehhh? ehh! AHHHHH IM MELTING!

  2. tylermcdonaldd says:

    How did you put sugar in it? Did you use liquid sugar?

  3. delliswierd says:

    cool jeurig machine! Is that a office model?

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